Why do I focus on SEO? I think this image explains it as well as anything else…

Why do I focus on SEO?

The internet has become more competitive and it’s simply getting more difficult to rise above the rest. Forget about blaming changes to Google’s algorithm — there are just a lot more people creating great content and it’s just getting harder to get found. According to this data compiled by Qmee from PCMag data, there are over 800,000 websites launched every day and over 2,000,000 blog posts written [not to mention hours of video and tons of tweets] — and that’s in 2013 data! Consider this…

Why do I focus on SEO?

For these reasons and many more, in the search to get found, SEO should be one of your first priorities. In a situation where there are two great content producers, the top spot in search will always go to the person that has taken the time to understand the culture and language of Google and optimized their site and content accordingly. You alone have to take responsibility for your search results and either develop your own SEO muscle or hire someone else to do it for you.

What is SEO?

No, that’s not dumb question — most people don’t realize that SEO has 3 distinct components; technical, on-page and off-page and they are work together to help you get found.

Why do I focus on SEO?

Technical SEO

Consider this quote from SEO Neil Patel: “A site cannot be truly optimized unless it has a solid technical SEO foundation. Technical SEO doesn’t make a website rank, but it allows it to rank by means of on-page and off-page optimization.” Technical SEO is the foundation of everything you do on your website and it means that Google is able to thoroughly understand your site contents and your intent. It involves not only using the right web publishing platform but also configuring it correctly and adding your ‘property’ to the Google Search Console and Google Analytics to be sure that Google ‘gets’ you.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO addresses the classic question of “do I write for Google or my readers?”. The answer of course is yes — you must do both at the same time. This post for example is optimized for search using the Yoast SEO plugin. The plugin reminds me of the important things that Google is looking for as I write and it ‘coaches’ me on the important things I that I have to remember.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is the never ending process of getting sites that have more authority to link to you. In Google’s early days, the influence of a site was measured by the number of other sites that linked to it and that data is still analyzed by Google and factored into the value of the site. One of the best ways to get off-page seo klout is to produce great content optimized with on-page seo on a site that has a sound technical seo foundation.

So why do I focus on SEO?

The reason I focus on SEO is that of all the skills necessary for an entrepreneur to get found on the internet, SEO is the most dynamic and difficult to master and I have found few resources that can make it as simple as it needs to be for entrepreneurs to embrace it. There are a lot of smart people who write well, but the top of the search engine ranking page will go to the great content on the website that has optimized technical SEO, on-page and off-page SEO. If you want to get found and are concerned about whether your current SEO strategy is sound, I encourage you to try my free site audit and we can talk further about the results of your audit.

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