Don Oehlert

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Todd and I have known each other – and worked together – for a long time. I’ve always found his work to be outstanding – well planned, well thought out, and he also executes very well.

Normally, there’s a disconnect (at some level) between the marketing team and the sales teams at most companies Todd really knows how to bridge that gap, and help the marketing department see how to work better with the sales team. When they do work together better, the marketing team created better sales tools. Subsequently, he knows how to help the sales team use the hard work of the marketing department that much better. Result? Win-win-win. The marketing and sales groups work together better, so better messaging gets to leads and customers. Customers win, because the sales team knows not to call the wrong people, and they know better what to say to the right people. Your company wins, because you’re now working with customers that better fit your offering.

And after all that, he knows how to create, maintain, and *grow* an on-line reputation for a company, so that you’ll be found by customers that need your product(s) or solution set(s).

If your website or social media effort is lacking, or you’re just not sure it’s as good as it could be, take a good, long look at Todd and his work. Highly recommended!