Don Oehlert

Don OehlertTodd and I have known each other – and worked together – for a long time. I’ve always found his work to be outstanding – well planned, well thought out, and he also executes very well.

Normally, there’s a disconnect (at some level) between the marketing team and the sales teams at most companies Todd really knows how to bridge that gap, and help the marketing department see how to work better with the sales team. When they do work together better, the marketing team created better sales tools. Subsequently, he knows how to help the sales team use the hard work of the marketing department that much better. Result? Win-win-win. The marketing and sales groups work together better, so better messaging gets to leads and customers. Customers win, because the sales team knows not to call the wrong people, and they know better what to say to the right people. Your company wins, because you’re now working with customers that better fit your offering.

And after all that, he knows how to create, maintain, and *grow* an on-line reputation for a company, so that you’ll be found by customers that need your product(s) or solution set(s).

If your website or social media effort is lacking, or you’re just not sure it’s as good as it could be, take a good, long look at Todd and his work. Highly recommended!

Nilofer Merchant

nilofer merchantWow. I didn’t know it was possible to use the web this efficiently, to have a website so professional, and to create a platform for doing social stuff this FAST. Todd was key to all of that for me. I’m already an expert in social by many standard but Todd’s coaching took me up to a new level of personal performance and social effectiveness. Highly Recommended resource.

Lynda Spiegel

aaeaaqaaaaaaaalsaaaajdi3zgmxmwvkltu1zwitndrkni1hndmwltuymwnlnje0mzawngAfter listening to Todd on Ryan Rhoten’s podcast, I went immediately to his website to learn more. He did an analysis of my website, immediately identifying errors that were compromising my searchability. The best part is that he’s as passionate about improving my SEO as I am, except he actually knows what he’s doing. Not only is Todd the most thorough and knowledgeable expert I’ve met, but he’s also incredibly pleasant and thoughtful…

Dr. Steve McSwain


I’ve given that title to Todd Lohenry jokingly. But what he’s done for me and my presence on the world wide web of Google itself is amazing. I don’t remember now how our paths crossed. I think Todd saw something I had written for the Huffington Post or the Washington Post or somewhere. But, over time, the two of us corresponded back and forth and one day I asked him a question about how to broaden my presence. I’m like most people. I have a presence and just enough knowledge of how SEO and Google to be dangerous. And, frankly, the technology is advancing and broadening at such a rapid pace, I find it next to impossible to do what I enjoy doing…must do…and that is share my message with the world and at-one-and-the-same time keep up with the technology.

That’s where Todd comes in. His knowledge about Google, how it works, how social media works, how all of these platforms converge and work together to take you, your message, and/or business presence to your customer/client base and to the net world at large is incredible. I highly recommend him to you. He’s a pro and personable and available whenever you have a question. Check him out. You’ll be more than satisfied with the results. I am.

Dike Drummond

dike drummond“I worked with Todd on the launch of the new VitalWorkLife platform. I am a member of the external consultant pool for the organization. Todd was tasked with building and launching the new branded platform from scratch and populating the new website and social media profiles with content from consultants such as me. Todd knows the intersection of website design, social media and effective marketing – a rare combination in my experience. He did a tremendous job clarifying business objectives and coordinating them with content, SEO and social media presence to launch VitalWorkLife with real power. He is punctual, meticulous, skilled and experienced, hard working and most of all, very effective in bringing a complicated project such as this in on time. I give him my highest recommendation and have hired him to run my Google+ presence here at” Dike Drummond, CEO, The Happy MD

James Gilligan, LCSW

Jim Gilligan“In 2009 I was overwhelmed by the thought of starting my own counseling, consulting and life coaching business. I consulted with Todd on getting a web presence for my business. What’s amazed me about Todd is his ability to translate and convey his wide spanning knowledge of helping businesses sync with social media into easy to follow steps that has helped my business immeasurably. I feel secure in knowing that Todd will be there to advise me on how to adjust and sync my business with the power of social media. In this regard I wholeheartedly endorse Todd to any individual or web based business that desires to have an edge on having a strong social media presence for their business on the web.” James Gilligan, LCSW

Chelsea Hanson

Chelsea Hanson“Wow! Todd knows his stuff! With Todd’s efficient and expert approach, he was able to train me on valuable information to my business in such a short amount of time. The tricks he taught me will save me a lot of time and helped me improve work flow.

Before I started working with Todd and taking his classes, I knew very little about social media. Now, I am comfortable and able to use social media as an advantage for my business!” Chelsea Hanson, With Sympathy Gifts

Danelle Phillips

Interactive Marketing Specialist at Agnesian HealthCare“Todd is a social media expert. His insight into what would work best for our company was astounding. I gave him a list of wants and worries and he took the time to explain each and every option available, and had the expertice to support his suggestions. I am more than pleased with the service we have been provided by Todd. If you need to implement a social media strategy at your company, then Todd is your guy.” Danelle Phillips, Interactive Marketing Specialist at Agnesian HealthCare

Suzanne Oehler

Suzanne Oehler“Todd is a rock star. He delivers great quality, even on a tight schedule. His breadth of knowledge of social media tools and ways to connect people is phenomenal. So glad my network led me to him to develop my website!” Suzanne Oehler, Sr. Director, Global Sales at Livescribe Inc.

Jerry Bader

Jerry Bader“Todd’s is an innovative thinker who takes great pride in coming up with new solutions to problems that have stumped others. He attacks a task, solves it and moves on quickly to the next. He also is more than willing to share knowledge and expertise to advance long term goals.” National Director News/Talk programming at Midwest Communications