How much would I have to pay you…

Image by Casual Chin via STOP using Google Reader? $25,000 wouldn't cut it for internet maven Louis Gray..."Information is power - and the ability to take in more information more quickly than anybody else, all in one place, is an incredible power. The Web has been built to enable all of us to share … Continue reading How much would I have to pay you…

If you’re using Ubuntu…

Image by Randy Zhang via I recommend [especially for older computers] then Google's Chrome browser combined with GNOME Do is a great combination. I create application shortcuts for web applications and then summon them with a keystroke combination. Very fast! Very powerful... Posted via web from The e1evation facebook page

“Creating beats consuming”

Auren Hoffman has a great post on consuming vs. producing. He says..."We are meant to be both creators and consumers. Today, however, most people consume far more then they create. Part of the reason for this is because being both a consumer and a creator at the same time is very difficult, and because goods … Continue reading “Creating beats consuming”

Maintaining “Inbox Zero” with Google Apps

Image via CrunchBaseThis is the article I wish I had written about how Google Apps, Remember the Milk and Firefox work together to make you more productive in email..."If I have more than 30 unread messages at any one time, I break into a cold sweat. So as a result, until recently I couldn’t imagine … Continue reading Maintaining “Inbox Zero” with Google Apps

Tactic #4: Use an external blog editor

Last week I covered tactic #3 in the tactics and tools series: blogging. Assuming that all my clients and readers went out and immediately launched a new blog by now you're thinking to yourself 'there's got to be an easier way'. That easier way is to use a blog editor. Not just any blog editor; … Continue reading Tactic #4: Use an external blog editor

FREE ONLINE CLASS TODAY AT NOON: Using Google Reader like a Rockstar!

Image by indiekid via FlickrI've lost track of how many times I've posted on the joys of using Google Reader. I consider my use of that tool to be one of the three greatest competitive advantages I have. In seminars I tell people that mastering rss feeds with Google Reader may be the most important … Continue reading FREE ONLINE CLASS TODAY AT NOON: Using Google Reader like a Rockstar!

I love ‘Remember the Milk’!

Image via CrunchBaseThe hosted task management system with the funny name is one of my favorite tools. Just this morning as I was hacking through my todo list, I tweeted that I was reminded what a great tool it is. Then, as fate would have it, I saw this post commemorating their 4th bday..."Four years … Continue reading I love ‘Remember the Milk’!


Image via Wikipedia ...for three main reasons: speed, extensibility, and safety. I found this great post this morning on "6 Reasons Why Mozilla Firefox Is Safe" and I want to share it with you... "While statistics put Internet Explorer clearly ahead as the most widely used web browser, it’s clear to many people that it … Continue reading I