Spirit of the Entrepreneur

Are you an entrepreneur? Want to be one? Then it's good to ponder this...What exactly is it that sets entrepreneurs apart from the rest? What is it that makes certain people believe in themselves enough to take the prospect of failure head-on and have the determination to come out on top? It takes a special … Continue reading Spirit of the Entrepreneur

Transform Your Website Into a Sales Powerhouse

"There's never been a better time to take advantage of the expansive opportunities for online business development and growth that the internet affords. According to a Juniper Research study, the number of U.S. internet shoppers will grow at an average rate of 12 percent per year through 2010, resulting in more than $144 billion in … Continue reading Transform Your Website Into a Sales Powerhouse

Study: Work may be costing people

LOL!"The National Sleep Foundation says Americans are not getting enough rest and work may be getting in the way.In a study released Monday the Washington, D.C.-based organization said average nightly sleep for adults is 6 hours and 40 minutes, below the 7 hours and 18 minutes that most people say they need.The reason for less … Continue reading Study: Work may be costing people

I’m working on a project…

...to put my business online using only tools that are freely available from Google. The purpose of the exercise is to 'eat my own dog food' so to speak and thereby demonstrate that it's possible for any entrepreneur, SMB, volunteer group, etc. to have a robust web presence and take advantage of these tools for … Continue reading I’m working on a project…

Alltop a single page blog dashboard of sorts | B2B Lead Generation Blog

Gathering information via newsfeeds is a critical part of the inbox zero approach to email. It will help you get distracting newsletters out of your inbox and into a newsreader where they belong."If you don’t have time to search though multiple blogs I recommend you check out Alltop. The site was launched by marketing wiz, … Continue reading Alltop a single page blog dashboard of sorts | B2B Lead Generation Blog