I love my work…

My path in life is to help thinkers use technology to become thought leaders. One of the best things about this path is that I can do it from anywhere! I choose to live in Algoma Wisconsin on the shores of Lake Michigan about 30 miles east of Green Bay and every day on my … Continue reading I love my work…

13 Ways Social Media Scares Marketers

Cute! Heidi Cohen has 13 ways social media scares marketers for Friday the 13th. The first one comes up in every social media class and preso her in Northeast Wisconsin… Social media is scary for marketers. Used to controlling their brand and messages, they feel most comfortable using one-to-many media for distribution. By contrast, social … Continue reading 13 Ways Social Media Scares Marketers

Publish or Perish 2.0

Yesterday I spoke at an in-service day for teachers at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College on the topic of social media for academic thought leaders. Here's my preso... Publish or Perish 2.0 http://static.slidesharecdn.com/swf/ssplayer2.swf?doc=nwtcpreso-120111043946-phpapp02&stripped_title=publish-or-perish-20&userName=toddlohenry View more presentations from e1evation, llc

12 experts on the key thought leadership trends for 2012

Craig Badings has put together an epic post on thought leadership trends for 2012. He starts… I asked 12 people who I consider to be leading global commentators on thought leadership as well as a couple who have produced some amazing thought leadership programs in-house over the years to comment on four critical thought leadership … Continue reading 12 experts on the key thought leadership trends for 2012

Broadband in the heartland

Things looked promising for rural geeks this time last year. Engadget reported here: "As we've seen in the decidedly botched digital TV transition, nothing involving government and technology is ever straightforward. With that in mind, let us present to you the most germane portion of the recently passed economic stimulus package with respect to gadgets … Continue reading Broadband in the heartland

Before and after; Nilofer Merchant ‘total beauty makeover’…

The good Lord has put some amazing people in my path. For a guy 'straight outta Wisconsin', I've been blessed with the opportunity to collaborate with some pretty high octane people. One of them is Nilofer Merchant. Now Nilofer herself is not in need of a 'total beauty makeover' but her web presence was another … Continue reading Before and after; Nilofer Merchant ‘total beauty makeover’…

4 Ways to Grow Your Blog with the Power of Experts

Growing a blog?Do you want to attract more readers? Do you want to grab the attention of the big players in your industry and leverage their star power? Silly questions, right? In this article I’ll share how you can grow a loyal and sustained fan base by working with the top experts in your niche. … Continue reading 4 Ways to Grow Your Blog with the Power of Experts

Is your website a ‘billboard in the desert’?

In December of last year, I embarked upon an experiment to see if I could leverage a website with a blog combined with social media tools to increase traffic to a site. In that month, my sandbox site had a grand total of 670 pageviews. In the month that ended yesterday, I had a total … Continue reading Is your website a ‘billboard in the desert’?

What’s holding you back?

The beautiful view from my deck in rural northeast Wisconsin is a great reminder of the power I have to publish and promote; from anywhere to the ends of the internet! I've worked hard to develop a simple blogging workflow that can empower even the most basic computer user. I don't care if you're Mac, … Continue reading What’s holding you back?