Content Management and Content Marketing for Thought Leadership

Two years ago, I wrote an epic post called ‘From Thinker to Thought Leader in one easy workflow’. The original title was ‘By Jove, I think I’ve got it‘ [shows how little I knew about writing effective post titles, eh?]. Well, it took me a couple of years, but I’ve finally found it. It? That elusive personal niche that everyone keeps talking about. I call it ‘content management and marketing for thought leadership‘ and it is my passion and my purpose in life.

A cool tool to help keep you on track

Image via Wikipedia Psychologists tell us that it takes 21 days to forge a new habit -- yet most new year's resolutions are broken in first week. Why? Lack of persistance. This simple little tool may just be the answer for you... "Whether you're staring down the end of the year and want to get … Continue reading A cool tool to help keep you on track

#hottoppix for June 25, 2011

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Why people tweet…

Image via Wikipedia Do you tweet? Or twitter? Victoria Harres does... "The other day I sat down to write something about Twitter. I struggled with my thoughts, threw some words down, and came up with a question: “Why are you twittering?" I knew the answer people would give. I know Twitter, and I know the … Continue reading Why people tweet…

Blogging is actually very EFFICIENT!

In many ways, blogging is no more difficult than sending an email and much more effective in the long run... "If you're a great baker or known for your mad IT skills, chances are you get asked the same things over and over again. You probably also end up fielding distress calls from frantic friends … Continue reading Blogging is actually very EFFICIENT!

Four Ways to Make a Captivating First Impression with Your Blog In a Reader’s Market

In real estate, first impressions are everything. Even though the color of the front door would be easy and affordable to repaint, it’s one of the first things a potential buyer notices. If your door is red and the buyer doesn’t like it, most likely she isn’t going to bother looking at the interior. Maybe … Continue reading Four Ways to Make a Captivating First Impression with Your Blog In a Reader’s Market

#hottoppix for June 3, 2011; bye, bye, Shaq~

All the topics that interest US in the past 24 hours... How Twitter users ask questions in 140 characters [infographic] June 2, 2011   100 tweet punishment for Malaysian activist June 2, 2011   The small business owner's guide to taking a vacation [infographic] June 2, 2011   The. Best. Way. To watch my Enchantment … Continue reading #hottoppix for June 3, 2011; bye, bye, Shaq~

10 Things Your Boss Won’t Tell You

That's fairly extensive, but many firms are, at the very least, monitoring some of employees' Internet, phone and email use, especially larger companies and those in sensitive or heavily regulated industries. The market for email monitoring software has grown more than 25% each year since 2008 and is projected to reach $1.23 billion in 2013, … Continue reading 10 Things Your Boss Won’t Tell You