Rock your website with RebelMouse!

Want to capture all the content you share both as content and Search Engine Optimization [SEO]? You want to add RebelMouse to your site... You can deploy it as a homepage, a lifestream page or a sidebar and you can do it in any website, even or tumblr! Related articles 5 Cool Tools … Continue reading Rock your website with RebelMouse!

Content marketing and Search Engine Optimization [SEO] trends in my world

Content marketing -- posting relevant content to this blog -- is the way I have done Search Engine Optimization [SEO] in the past. Thanks to my Search Engine Optimization [SEO] bff Ronnie Binser of Video Leads Online, I'm now focusing on doing Search Engine Optimization [SEO] 'on purpose' instead of by accident...

9 SEO Insights You Must Follow

Image via Wikipedia Concerned about best practices for search engine optimization [seo]?The primary goal of your search engine optimization (SEO) is to drive relevant people that are interested in your industry or company to your website.  If you follow SEO than you know how fast things change.  You also know how hard it can be … Continue reading 9 SEO Insights You Must Follow

I’ve never done anything in purple before…

...but when your client is 'Luxemburg Linda' who loves the color, you make an exception! Linda just launched this week and after attending one of executive briefings on business blogging, she decided to add a simple Posterous blog to her site to drive search engine optimization and social media. Click the image above to … Continue reading I’ve never done anything in purple before…

Just getting started?

Here are a few ideas to help you along... "Starting a new blog can feel like an overwhelming task. Not only does it involve either developing your own template (or finding a free one), creating interesting content that people will want to read, and making the blog SEO optimized, but once you’re finished developing that … Continue reading Just getting started?

Active Business Blogs Draw 6.9 Times More Organic Search Traffic Than Non-Bloggers

via If you're concerned about Search Engine Optimization [SEO], you'll want to follow the 'via' link to drill down on these findings from HubSpot... Related articles Starting a Niche Site: Best Blog Sites ( Five Easy Ways to Boost SEO ( Getting started with SEO (

Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Blog’s Usability

"Usability.Yaaawn, right?Think of it like this: the art of making it as easy as possible for your blog’s visitors to do exactly what you want them to do.That simple, super-effective tip on putting your feed icon high up in your sidebar is usability at work. So is putting social media buttons at the bottom of … Continue reading Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Blog’s Usability