I love my work…

My path in life is to help thinkers use technology to become thought leaders. One of the best things about this path is that I can do it from anywhere! I choose to live in Algoma Wisconsin on the shores of Lake Michigan about 30 miles east of Green Bay and every day on my … Continue reading I love my work…

The Questions Coaches Say You Need To Be Asking Yourself

Leigh Newman writes: Ellie Gordon, a personal and executive life coach, helps us figure out what we really need to be thinking about when we’re looking for lasting, hard-to-make change. 1. Can I Replace The Word 'Afraid' With The Word 'Alert'? "An artist client recently introduced me to this question," says Gordon, "and it quickly … Continue reading The Questions Coaches Say You Need To Be Asking Yourself

The Coming Prosperity

Just got the signoff on a new site launch for new client Philip Auerswald of George Mason University and the Kauffman Foundation. His new book The Coming Prosperity is out today and we worked hard together to move his site from Blogger to WordPress and implement this Pinterest-style theme from Shaken & Stirred. Click the image … Continue reading The Coming Prosperity

Master your Gmail!

If Gmail is so easy, why do people still have hundreds -- thousands -- of unread emails in their inboxes? In part it's because technology without good thinking and tactics means nothing... I teach my students that email should be for 'just in time' information -- information that affects relationships and revenue. Everything else belongs … Continue reading Master your Gmail!