How I get found online

How I get found online

Content marketing workflow

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Content marketing is more than just having a #blog. Here are my thoughts on building a good, fast and cheap workflow! #thoughtleadership

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How I get found online

I don’t do everything right — if you don’t believe me, just ask my wife. Yet, even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and again so as I approach 10 million views on Google+, here are some thoughts on the workflow that got me here…

Here’s the TODD Talk:

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How reputation and trusted relationship work to make us [re]think

I am a fan of +james altucher. I have not been a fan of Louis CK in the past. However, because I have read a couple of Altucher's books and subscribe to his blog and his newsletter and like the way he thinks, if he writes something thoughtful about Louis CK, I'm more likely to pay attention — even if I don't 'like' Louis CK. I share this for two reasons:

#1 the article made me think. It's still making me think.

#2 to illustrate the power of the trusted relationship to get us to think and remind us that we all have the ability to engender these trusted relationships by building our online #reputation and taking the time and do the work necessary to establish a #thoughtleadership position.

Follow the jump and read Altucher's article and I think you'll see what I mean — a trusted source telling us 'hey, think about this for a moment' can be a powerful force for change and we all have the power to do it! Here's what Altucher has to say about Louis CK and his work:

Laughter has been around since before language. Mammals would use laughter to convey that a situation that they first thought was dangerous, turned out not to be. That rustle in the bushes? It was just a breeze. Not a lion. He points it out. The contradictions in every day life. The contradictions I see in my life. The things that we’re uncomfortable about. Guess what? We don’t have to be. Here are some of his thoughts. And below are some of my interpretations.

Before I give a talk, I listen to Louis CK. Before an interview. Before I write. Before I see my kids.

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Use a feed reader for content marketing and thought leadership

I recently listened to a Tim Ferriss podcast which featured an interview with Glenn Beck. In the interview, Glenn Beck talk about his ‘morning briefing’ in which he received digested information from several different staff members in the form of a morning briefing. Well, most of us need a morning briefing few of us have the luxury of a staff to deliver it for us. For that reason I recommend a feed reader.

Content marketers and thought-leaders need to feed themselves a steady diet of information that nurtures their expertise. A good feed reader will manage information from sites sources searches and save information that might be interesting in the future. I call that someday / maybe information.

Sites. Everybody has websites that they should follow to stay on top of news and developments in their profession a good feed reader scratched up do it up a good feeder reader will suggest and track websites that you should follow and allow you to add them as you go along.

Searches. When you follow a site you will get everything that is published to the site whether it’s running or not and for that reason a good feed reader will allow you to search for phrases both inside and outside of your feed reader to catch the keywords that are important to you.

Sources are the experts in your industry that you should follow and read whatever they publish and for that reason a good feed reader will allow you to track people in Twitter and/or Google+.

Finally a good feed reader will allow you to save information for the future in the feed reader or in a tool like Evernote or OneNote.

In my experience there’s only one fear that meets all these criteria in one application and that is +Inoreader. If you’re concerned about finding content marketing content tracking the things you need to know in order to be perceived as a thought leader but I strongly recommend you look into it to help you with your content marketing / thought leadership efforts. #rss #contentmarketing #thoughtleadership

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