4 Predictions for the Future of Politics and Social Media

Show me a modern political candidate who doesn’t understand television, and I’ll show you a loser.When TV became the dominant medium for Americans to consume news and entertainment, political candidates could no longer be successful without looking polished in televised debates, appearing on talk shows and spending big on commercials.Like the television boom of the … Continue reading 4 Predictions for the Future of Politics and Social Media

The way we get our news is changing

Image via CrunchBaseInteresting data from a great source that should have you thinking..."In the digital era, news has become omnipresent. Americans access it in multiple formats on multiple platforms on myriad devices. The days of loyalty to a particular news organization on a particular piece of technology in a particular form are gone. The overwhelming … Continue reading The way we get our news is changing

Better than TV

Image by thebittenword.com via FlickrInteresting perspective on the use of time and intelligence..."I was recently reminded of some reading I did in college, way back in the last century, by a British historian arguing that the critical technology, for the early phase of the industrial revolution, was gin. The transformation from rural to urban life … Continue reading Better than TV

Google Living Stories

Image by wallyg via Flickr Google is like the Lucy van Pelt of media. She is quoted as saying "I'm torn between the desire to create and the desire to destroy."... "Today, a new Google project popped up in Google Labs (Google Labs) that is a unique extension of this effort. It’s called Living Stories, … Continue reading Google Living Stories

The ‘Five Minute University’…

Today I'm announcing a new feature on the site; the 'Five Minute University'. What's that about? Well, the tool I use for screencasts, Jing, limits me to a five minute screencast. Todd, you say! Wake up -- use Camtasia, use Flashback Express, use something that allows you to record longer. No, I say. I have … Continue reading The ‘Five Minute University’…