Want to become a thought leader? Here’s how mind mapping can help

Image via Wikipedia Looking for a way to get your mental 'act' together? Try MindMapping...Mind mapping software is an incredible canvas for exploring your thinking and recording, manipulating, distilling and converting your insights into white papers, blog posts, presentations and other forms of content. No other type of productivity software gives you this level of … Continue reading Want to become a thought leader? Here’s how mind mapping can help

Emotion must lead, reason must follow

Something to ponder...Are you about to start a conversation with a statistic? Stop. Emotion must lead, reason must follow.  Because that’s how you commune with the human brain.  Emotion first, reason second.  Heart, then facts. Please, REMEMBER THIS.  Whatever your cause, whoever your audience, you must start every conversation with the emotional heart of your … Continue reading Emotion must lead, reason must follow

Why Companies Should Insist that Employees Take Naps

Cover via Amazon But here's the reality: naps are a powerful source of competitive advantage. The recent evidence is overwhelming: naps are not just physically restorative, but also improve perceptual skills, motor skills, reaction time and alertness. I experienced the power of naps myself when I was writing my new book, The Way We're Working … Continue reading Why Companies Should Insist that Employees Take Naps

No, I haven’t stopped blogging…

...but I have been bloody busy with the Agritechnica trade show in Hannover. I set up a social media dashboard in the menubar so you can track the work I'm doing with AGCO in Germany. So sorry, but with doing social media 12 hours a day, I just haven't been able to maintain my normal … Continue reading No, I haven’t stopped blogging…

Social media fairy tails

Image by Getty Images via DaylifeGreat stuff from patgermelman's blog..."There are social media formulas that you can pick and choose from and adapt to fit your schedule, staff, and resources. There's a virtual candy store of platforms and options. Here's the secret...they all take work. There are no silver bullets. If someone claims to have … Continue reading Social media fairy tails