and Twylah: two great Twitter tools I use to promote my tweets

In previous posts I've talked quite a bit about how Twitter has become much more important in my 'thought leadership' marketing workflow. I would be remiss if I didn't take a moment to tell you about two tools; one not so new and one that that just popped up on my radar recently. They are and Twylah. I'm sure I saw pop up over a year ago -- Guy Kawaskaki was the first person I saw using it well. Twylah is a different story -- I stumbled across Nilofer Merchant's Twylah page only about a month ago. Both are great tools, but in the final analysis I think if you're looking to use your tweets as part of your Search Engine Optimization [SEO] strategy, you'll decide like I did that Twylah is the tool for you. Here's a little riff I did for you outlining the reasons why...

Tools for Tuesday; Evernote [updated]

Here's another '5 Minute University' session. This time on one of my favorite tools, Evernote... Here's a bonus riff that I just added! Here's an outline of the topics... 1 Why Evernote? 1.1 Google Notebook replacement 1.2 Addresses the 'collection bucket' issue 1.3 Key features 1.3.1 Capture anything 1.3.2 Access anywhere 1.3.3 Find things fast … Continue reading Tools for Tuesday; Evernote [updated]

The museum of me

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#hottoppix for June 1, 2011

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#hottoppix for May 29, 2011

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