Tools for Tuesday; Hootsuite

Why settle for being a rockstar on one social network when you can amp multiple platforms all at once? Please give me 5 minutes of your life... Here's what posts added via the autoschedule feature look like in the publishing queue. You can click the image to enlarge... Related articles Hootsuite Professional Review ( … Continue reading Tools for Tuesday; Hootsuite

On Effective Business Development

Some people like to make things overly complicated. Me? Sometimes I like to grossly oversimplify things and take them back to the basics. Example? 'Thought leadership' marketing. To my mind, if you want to be a thought leader there are only two things you need to do well: Deepen your expertise through a continuous learning … Continue reading On Effective Business Development

Facebook’s Purchase of Instagram; Another Look

Cool 'infographic' from Tony Shin! Created by: Online MBA Programs Related articles Why Did Facebook Buy Instagram for $1 Billion?? ( How Instagram Went From Zero To $1 Billion In 17 Months [Infographic] ( Facebook purchases top foursquare API client Instagram ( Facebook's Instagram Purchase Spurs Account Deletion Posts ( Facebook acquires Instagram for $1 … Continue reading Facebook’s Purchase of Instagram; Another Look