How I Find Time To Make Media

'Thought leadership' marketing takes time! Here's one man's perspective on taking that time to 'make media' as he says... This is a chicken or the egg causality dilemma for me: as I create more media, my media consumption has changed or my media consumption has changed, hence I’m able to create more media. I really don’t know … Continue reading How I Find Time To Make Media

Social media for restaurants

Image via CrunchBase Reaching out to mobile travelers is good business, especially where I live on the Door Peninsula of Wisconsin. Every year, thousands of wired [that means "internet connected" for you folks from the U.P., eh?] travelers drive through our area on their way to Door County. The smart restaurateur should be looking at … Continue reading Social media for restaurants

Why email won’t die anytime soon

Image via CrunchBase If you follow the tech media, you’ll know that every few months, some journalist or blogger will start speculating about the imminent demise of email. Headlines along the lines of “Email is Dying” or “The Death of Email” show up in RSS feeds all over the place. You know the drill. This … Continue reading Why email won’t die anytime soon