#hottoppix for June 19, 2011

Things we've been tracking in the past 24 hours... Are Samsung's Mobile Designs Really That Similar to Apple's? [GALLERY] June 18, 2011   Does HTC have what it takes to be the next Apple? - TNW Mobile June 18, 2011   Five Social Media Myths You Need to Know June 18, 2011   JoT 1555b: … Continue reading #hottoppix for June 19, 2011


Image via CrunchBaseWith the official announcement of Google's Nexus One yesterday, I'm going to go out on a limb and say "It's time to sell your RIM stock". This slurp from Mashable came out almost a month ago before Google's announcment and the BlackBerry was in trouble then..."As you may know, we’ve been conducting our … Continue reading RIM RIP

#hottoppix for June 17, 2011

Things we've been tracking in the past 24 hours... ‘Why I Love and Hate Having a Smartphone’ 🙂 June 16, 2011   Google Adds Reputation Management to Dashboard June 16, 2011   3 Simple Ways to Empower Your Customers to Sell For You June 16, 2011   How to Get Affiliate Code from E-Junkie to … Continue reading #hottoppix for June 17, 2011

#hottoppix for May 28, 2011

All the topics that interest US in the past 24 hours... Smartphones threaten TV advertising May 27, 2011   Smartphone Makers Bow to Demands for More Openness May 27, 2011   Facebook Profile Photos By The Numbers May 28, 2011   WordPress turns 8 today May 27, 2011   The Art of Small Business Blogging … Continue reading #hottoppix for May 28, 2011

Sex and Smartphones, part 2

Yesterday, I said... "Speaking of sex and smartphones or maybe sexy smartphones, I’m going to take this opportunity to rant about the iPhone AND Android phones for a moment. Excuse my language, but they both suck -- that’s right — they suck! Why the iPhone? Because #1 it’s a closed system — yeah, there’s an … Continue reading Sex and Smartphones, part 2

“There’s a map for that”

Image by jimrenaud via Flickr While the Vikings were sticking it to the Packers on Monday Night Football, Verizon was sticking it to Apple and AT&T in the only way they really could; on the issue of reliability and connectivity... Recently, I had the chance to use both my BlackBerry Curve and an iPhone 3Gs … Continue reading “There’s a map for that”

Small world…

Image via CrunchBaseI'm talking social media with a barrista named John in the Starbucks in York, NE. Yes, there is one thank God -- it's one of the few redeeming features of this intersection called York where I have been sleeping while attending Husker Harvest Days. John noticed my Wisconsin license plate and asked where … Continue reading Small world…

Sex and Smartphones, part 1

My "old post promoter" picked a doozy this time! A year ago, I was quite unhappy with my smartphone choices, but don't worry -- there's a happy ending that I'll write later this week after you've read parts 1 and 2... "Wow! What does THIS say about us? "Smartphones tied with sex as the number … Continue reading Sex and Smartphones, part 1

What’s holding you back?

The beautiful view from my deck in rural northeast Wisconsin is a great reminder of the power I have to publish and promote; from anywhere to the ends of the internet! I've worked hard to develop a simple blogging workflow that can empower even the most basic computer user. I don't care if you're Mac, … Continue reading What’s holding you back?

iPhone, SchmiPhone…

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=357k_8t0QMw Yeah, the iPhone is all that and a bag of chips as we say in Wisconsin, but what if you don't use AT&T and don't want to switch carriers? Or worse yet! You can get AT&T but they won't sell you an iPhone because they don't have coverage there [happened to a friend of … Continue reading iPhone, SchmiPhone…