Ponder this 2/14/2010

Image by Oversocialized via Flickr Your Sunday morning collection of profound stuff to think about all day long. The big buzz this week WAS Buzz and the ancillary issues it raises... "I’m having a hard time deciding whom to follow on which network with duplicate shares everywhere. The problem is compounded further by folks who … Continue reading Ponder this 2/14/2010

7 Things That Blogging Does

Image via CrunchBase Blogging = Critical Thinking. If everything else went away (the readers, the comments, the community, the feedback), Blogging was (and still is) an amazing place to think about an issue or news item and work through it. I liken myself as a Media Hacker. A Blog is a great place for anyone … Continue reading 7 Things That Blogging Does

The answer is ‘both/and’

Cover via AmazonI'm always fond of saying that the answer is rarely either/or but both/and. Mitch Joel says the same thing here but in a slightly different way..."Digital Marketing is not the silver bullet. Digital Marketing is not the only marketing a brand should be doing. Branding works. Traditional mass media advertising words. Direct Marketing … Continue reading The answer is ‘both/and’

Ammunition for your social media arsenal

Cover via Amazon Here's an interesting find from Mitch Joel... "About a year ago, famed Marketing professor, Ken Wong, spoke at a private dinner event. During his talk, he pushed for Marketers to really take a serious look at the many Digital Marketing opportunities, but then cautioned the Digital Marketers in the audience that there … Continue reading Ammunition for your social media arsenal

Thoughts on ROI and social media

Image via CrunchBase A prospective client asked me this yesterday: "I read through it [referring to this post] and was looking for how it translates into measurable business benefits such as client satisfaction, increased inside sales, increased referrals, etc – can you point me to any of these indicators with regard to this AGCO initiative?" … Continue reading Thoughts on ROI and social media