Blogging and content marketing trends for this week @ e1evation

Happy Monday! Time to talk about trends in blogging and content marketing. First, though, a confession. I accidentally used decaf instead of regular and I've been dragging my butt around all day. This blog is fueled by coffee and now that I've had a good cup, life can start [at 3:27PM]! Here's my bias; blogging … Continue reading Blogging and content marketing trends for this week @ e1evation

Food for Thought: The Content Strategy Burger

Here’s something all-American content marketers can relate to! What makes up the ‘meat’ of an effective content strategy? Digital Strategist Mark Smicklas decided to illustrate what he believes is crucial with this amazing infographicinspired by the American Classic. Source: Food for Thought: The Content Strategy Burger [INFOGRAPHIC] | The Content Strategist Now I’m hungry!

Content marketing for thought leadership in the construction industry

I've seen content management and marketing for thought leadership applied to everything from Agriculture to Yoga and I believe it will work in the construction industry as well. Why?

Consume, create, connect!

John Jantsch recently wrote on the topic of "Profiting from other people's content". He says... "Don't be alarmed by that title -- I'm not talking about stealing content for gain, I'm talking about adding the filtering and aggregating of content to your content consumption, creation and sharing routine. Pretty much everyone has bought into the … Continue reading Consume, create, connect!