How to Cope with the Death of Google Reader

Sonia Simone at CopyBlogger has a post worth your attention on the death of Google Reader: You know the stages. First, denial. “No way, dude, that’s got to be a rumor.” Then anger. “Don’t Be Evil my $%&! How could they do this to me?” Bargaining. “Could a new version of Google Reader really save … Continue reading How to Cope with the Death of Google Reader

Feedly mobile is fixed!

...and everything is right in my 'Personal News Aggregation' universe. For about a week, I was having problems syncing my accounts on feedly and Google Reader and it was really frustrating -- especially since it has always worked so well in the past. As you can see, however, my desktop version... the same as … Continue reading Feedly mobile is fixed!

Want to manage your information better?

Learn how to be a Google Reader rockstar! Join a free hangout at 15:00 CDST [GMT-6] today. Just add me to one of your circles and I’ll add you back and invite you… I can talk about any aspect of this Google Reader mindmap you're interested in!

“Internet Home Improvement” with Todd ‘The Toolman’ Lohenry

Tim Allen is one of my favorite comedians and I love the show 'Home Improvement'... For three years, I've been wanting to do a weekly live broadcast and now -- thanks to Google+ Hangouts on Air -- today's the day! Watch this... You can connect with me in Google+ at to participate … Continue reading “Internet Home Improvement” with Todd ‘The Toolman’ Lohenry

Be known

I had an interesting opportunity to sit on a panel of 'experts' yesterday and advise website development students on how they should develop a portfolio of their work and present it to prospective hiring authorities or clients. To be honest, I don't know how I got on the panel; the others were truly experts -- … Continue reading Be known

#hottoppix for June 30, 2011

Things we've been tracking in the past 24 hours... The key feature that neither Google+ or Facebook really addresses June 30, 2011   Cause and effect June 28, 2011   Think Like a Rockstar: Create something amazing for the people that love you June 28, 2011   List Building with the Blue Sky Boys June … Continue reading #hottoppix for June 30, 2011