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Oxymoron or? Digg users voted on the top ten questions to ask Marissa Mayer, Google VP of Search and User Experience. Kevin Rose, founder of Digg, has the interview. Long, but worthwhile -- especially if you're a fan of Google... httpv://

Maintaining “Inbox Zero” with Google Apps

Image via CrunchBaseThis is the article I wish I had written about how Google Apps, Remember the Milk and Firefox work together to make you more productive in email..."If I have more than 30 unread messages at any one time, I break into a cold sweat. So as a result, until recently I couldn’t imagine … Continue reading Maintaining “Inbox Zero” with Google Apps

The ‘Five Minute University’…

Today I'm announcing a new feature on the site; the 'Five Minute University'. What's that about? Well, the tool I use for screencasts, Jing, limits me to a five minute screencast. Todd, you say! Wake up -- use Camtasia, use Flashback Express, use something that allows you to record longer. No, I say. I have … Continue reading The ‘Five Minute University’…

Are you master of your own domain?

Image via CrunchBase Image via CrunchBase No, I'm not talking Seinfeld here. 😉 Do you own your internet domain? I thought I did, but when I purchased it, I made a huge mistake -- I got it through Google when I set up Google Apps. Don't get me wrong -- I love Google Apps! What … Continue reading Are you master of your own domain?