Separate your email from your to-do’s

"Your boss needs the updated PowerPoint presentation file by Tuesday. Your spouse wants to know how many vacation days you've got left this year. Your co-worker needs your office pool picks. Everyone gets task requests via email all day long, and it's so easy to let these messages slip through the cracks. Whether your inbox … Continue reading Separate your email from your to-do’s

What is the Best Way to Manage my Tasks?

Image via Wikipedia Here are the results of a recent lifehacks survey... "If all the methodology of the best GTD applications loses you in the productivity shuffle, there's nothing like a classic, simple to-do list to keep you on track. You've never had more options—both simple and robust—for managing your to-do list as you do … Continue reading What is the Best Way to Manage my Tasks?

I love ‘Remember the Milk’!

Image via CrunchBaseThe hosted task management system with the funny name is one of my favorite tools. Just this morning as I was hacking through my todo list, I tweeted that I was reminded what a great tool it is. Then, as fate would have it, I saw this post commemorating their 4th bday..."Four years … Continue reading I love ‘Remember the Milk’!