Stop lying to yourself!

The problem isn't writer's block... …it’s actually writing the damn post. You don’t need ideas, open Google Reader or join #Blogchat.  You’ll have enough ideas to write posts for the next year. The problem is, when you actually WRITE the post, then it’s real.  Then you are dangerously close to publishing it.  Which means suddenly … Continue reading Stop lying to yourself!

95 Days of Cluetrain for 2011

Image via Wikipedia Dana VanDen Heuvel says...Back in 2000, I picked up a book at Barnes & Noble in Long Beach, CA.  The Cluetrain Manifesto (affiliate link) was on the end cap display and having been involved in “Internet stuff” for a while for a few years, I was keen to explore what the book … Continue reading 95 Days of Cluetrain for 2011

My top picks for May 4, 2011

Osama Photos and Videos Coming This Week? [Unconfirmed] May 3, 2011 Pandora Hits 10 Billion Thumbs Up or Down May 3, 2011 5 Best Practices for Travel & Tourism Brands on Facebook May 2, 2011 HOW TO: Get Your Employees On Board With Your Social Media Policy May 2, 2011 How the Social Web Reflected … Continue reading My top picks for May 4, 2011

Stop Phoning It In

Image via CrunchBase If you’re responsible for your company’s newsletter ['or blog or any other outward facing communication' ed. note], stop looking at it as a burden. Ask yourself this question: “What would be MOST useful to the people getting this newsletter?” And then ask yourself this question: “What else besides my company’s pitch can … Continue reading Stop Phoning It In