From $0 to $1000 on a Blogspot Blog

Blogging? ProBlogger has an interesting perspective on monetizing your blog...  It has been a year now since an eventful day when I was browsing the Internet and clicked on an advertisement that seemed an obvious scam: Get 90% off a new iPad. “Yeah, right,” I thought. But I wanted to check it out anyway since … Continue reading From $0 to $1000 on a Blogspot Blog

10 Tips for Opening Your Next Blog Post

Having trouble posting? Listen to Darren Rowse...We all have a message drummed into us throughout life: people make snap judgements on you based upon the first impression you give. In many instances, those judgements are lasting ones.* The same is true for your blog posts. Your opening line really does matter—readers will make a snap … Continue reading 10 Tips for Opening Your Next Blog Post

10 Hard Truths About Blogging

With job satisfaction rates at record lows and more and more people looking to enjoy a higher quality of life, millions of people are desperately trying to leave their miserable jobs and are flocking to the world of blogging and Internet marketing.If you're already a blogger, chances are you've heard of Darren Rowse, Brian Clark, … Continue reading 10 Hard Truths About Blogging

Home bases and outposts…

Darren Rowse of ProBlogger has been reading my mail. Or attending my seminars. Or both. Seriously, he does a great job in this video of explaining some of the tactics that I use to drive traffic to my blog...


Image by kk+ via Flickr Whenever I present on the topic of 'practical, tactical social media' organizational leaders usually like what they hear about social media and how to implement it to build their brands online until they hear that in order to achieve maximum results, they'll have to post a thought every day for … Continue reading IMNOTAWRITER