Consume, create, connect!

John Jantsch recently wrote on the topic of "Profiting from other people's content". He says... "Don't be alarmed by that title -- I'm not talking about stealing content for gain, I'm talking about adding the filtering and aggregating of content to your content consumption, creation and sharing routine. Pretty much everyone has bought into the … Continue reading Consume, create, connect!

An important announcement from e1evation, llc

e1evation, llc announces that Todd Lohenry has been named the interim VP of Marketing, Sales and Technology at Jag, Inc., one of Northeast Wisconsin’s oldest and most trusted names in advertising. There are two objectives behind the move: Introduce internal systems and process improvements at Jag, Inc. Jag, Inc. has already migrated from Microsoft Exchange … Continue reading An important announcement from e1evation, llc

Posterous Co-Founder Garry Tan Leaves for Y Combinator

Image via Wikipedia Garry Tan has announced that he is leaving Posterous, the ultra-simplistic microblogging company he helped found in 2008. Tan wrote on his blog today that it was time to move on and that he would be taking an advisory role with the company in order to do what he was most passionate … Continue reading Posterous Co-Founder Garry Tan Leaves for Y Combinator

How to Setup a Facebook Page for your Business, Organization or Church

via I'm doing a training session next week at NWTC on 'Facebook for Fun and Profit'. Unfortunately, it's all filled up -- for those of you interested in the topic that won't be able to make it, this may help... Posted via web from e1evation, llc

Turn Your Expertise Into Dollars Online

Image via Wikipedia Small business owners possess a wealth of knowledge about their industry or sector, and when they share this knowledge with Internet () searchers, it lends credibility to their business and attracts new customers. Blogging is a key medium for sharing your expertise. The most recent Merchant Confidence Index, a survey of 10,000 … Continue reading Turn Your Expertise Into Dollars Online

5 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Outstanding

Image via Wikipedia Are your blog posts just “okay”? Want to make them great? If so, keep reading. A great blog post respects the needs of three distinct entities. It educates and informs your audience (your subscribers and visitors), optimizes for the search engines and sufficiently energizes you so that you do a good job … Continue reading 5 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Outstanding

Tumblr Leaves Posterous in the Dust [?!]

Image via CrunchBase Rising social media rockstar Kelly Neuville of Envano sent me an article from ReadWriteWeb [you can follow the 'via' link below the graph to the source and read the rest of the article if you're interested] that would seem to suggest at first glance that I should abandon my love of the … Continue reading Tumblr Leaves Posterous in the Dust [?!]

Make the switch to Posterous [+ WordPress]

A couple of weeks ago, the brilliant guys at Posterous started an even more brilliant marketing campaign to tout the efficacy of their Posterous platform against other blogging tools. They culminated their campaign with a post on the 'Top 5 reasons to switch from WordPress to Posterous' by saying... "We’d be crazy to declare war … Continue reading Make the switch to Posterous [+ WordPress]

The ‘e1evation workflow’ continues to deliver!

In my effort to develop a powerfully simple workflow for my clients, I came up with something so elegant that I had to use it myself. Here are the results after 1 quarter of use... Related articles A curation workflow... ( The best of @e1evation for 8/6/2012 ( Zemanta Power User: Todd Lohenry, e1evation - … Continue reading The ‘e1evation workflow’ continues to deliver!