What’s holding you back?

The beautiful view from my deck in rural northeast Wisconsin is a great reminder of the power I have to publish and promote; from anywhere to the ends of the internet! I've worked hard to develop a simple blogging workflow that can empower even the most basic computer user. I don't care if you're Mac, … Continue reading What’s holding you back?

Finding the ‘Perfect’ Blogging Platform Comes Down to Compromise and Personal Choice

If, like many bloggers, you started out using a free hosting platform, there may come a time when you want the increased flexibility of a self-hosted paid platform. The question many bloggers ask is: “Which blogging platform is the right one for my needs?” but the answer may be far from simple. For a start … Continue reading Finding the ‘Perfect’ Blogging Platform Comes Down to Compromise and Personal Choice

The Executive’s Blogging Dilemma

Image via Wikipedia When it comes to blogging, executives have a unique problem. It has to do with the fact that the risk and cost of failure for executives are greater than they are for other employees. Blogging is a personal affair. The learning curve requires the blogger to open up to the world, create … Continue reading The Executive’s Blogging Dilemma

Consume, create, connect!

John Jantsch recently wrote on the topic of "Profiting from other people's content". He says... "Don't be alarmed by that title -- I'm not talking about stealing content for gain, I'm talking about adding the filtering and aggregating of content to your content consumption, creation and sharing routine. Pretty much everyone has bought into the … Continue reading Consume, create, connect!

An important announcement from e1evation, llc

e1evation, llc announces that Todd Lohenry has been named the interim VP of Marketing, Sales and Technology at Jag, Inc., one of Northeast Wisconsin’s oldest and most trusted names in advertising. There are two objectives behind the move: Introduce internal systems and process improvements at Jag, Inc. Jag, Inc. has already migrated from Microsoft Exchange … Continue reading An important announcement from e1evation, llc

Posterous Co-Founder Garry Tan Leaves for Y Combinator

Image via Wikipedia Garry Tan has announced that he is leaving Posterous, the ultra-simplistic microblogging company he helped found in 2008. Tan wrote on his blog today that it was time to move on and that he would be taking an advisory role with the company in order to do what he was most passionate … Continue reading Posterous Co-Founder Garry Tan Leaves for Y Combinator

How to Setup a Facebook Page for your Business, Organization or Church

via youtube.com I'm doing a training session next week at NWTC on 'Facebook for Fun and Profit'. Unfortunately, it's all filled up -- for those of you interested in the topic that won't be able to make it, this may help... Posted via web from e1evation, llc