4 Predictions for the Future of Politics and Social Media

Show me a modern political candidate who doesn’t understand television, and I’ll show you a loser.When TV became the dominant medium for Americans to consume news and entertainment, political candidates could no longer be successful without looking polished in televised debates, appearing on talk shows and spending big on commercials.Like the television boom of the … Continue reading 4 Predictions for the Future of Politics and Social Media

How media is changing politics [or vice versa]

"If you want to get elected in the US, you need media.When TV was king, the secret to media was money. If you have money, you can reach the masses. The best way to get money is to make powerful interests happy, so they'll give you money you can use to reach the masses and … Continue reading How media is changing politics [or vice versa]

Campaigns not buying social media

Image via Wikipedia How effective new media can be for candidates looking to convert an online presence to a victory on Election Day, however, is still a subject for debate. Some believe that while effective Twitter or Facebook accounts can make candidates more approachable, they also can make politicians into more polarizing figures. The prime … Continue reading Campaigns not buying social media

400 posts redux; Lesson #1

Image via CrunchBase This is the first post in what I anticipate will be a 7 part series... 11 months ago, I posted this introspective piece on the results I was getting from blogging... Yesterday, I passed the 400 post mark. 400 posts over 18 months. Wow! Roughly a post a day for a year … Continue reading 400 posts redux; Lesson #1

I love to see my customers succeed…

Kudos to Steven Allen Adams who was recently named the top political blogger in the State of West Virginia by the Washington post..."Who is the best political reporter in the Mountain State? That would be Steven Allen Adams, of West Virginia Watchdog, according to a Washington Post Top-50 list. We would like to congratulate Steve … Continue reading I love to see my customers succeed…