Image by kk+ via Flickr Whenever I present on the topic of 'practical, tactical social media' organizational leaders usually like what they hear about social media and how to implement it to build their brands online until they hear that in order to achieve maximum results, they'll have to post a thought every day for … Continue reading IMNOTAWRITER

Handling Email; 5+ emails you should filter

Image via CrunchBaseEmail is such a simple tool but it makes or breaks so many people's productivity and it breaks my heart to see how many people struggle with handling it..."How many emails do you have in your inbox right now? Are you an inbox zero freak like me? Or do you have emails piled … Continue reading Handling Email; 5+ emails you should filter

Social media fairy tails

Image by Getty Images via DaylifeGreat stuff from patgermelman's blog..."There are social media formulas that you can pick and choose from and adapt to fit your schedule, staff, and resources. There's a virtual candy store of platforms and options. Here's the secret...they all take work. There are no silver bullets. If someone claims to have … Continue reading Social media fairy tails