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Looking for savings in your ‘enterprise’?

Open source software may be the answer... "There's a persistent perception that open source software is being ignored in the enterprise, that IT management fears it and it ends up being more costly to deploy than proprietary solutions. That's certainly the perception that some major software vendors would like you to have. But it's Jeffrey … Continue reading Looking for savings in your ‘enterprise’?

Microsoft’s Ballmer Rips on Google…

Image by Getty Images via Daylife If there were ever a CEO who was rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic without knowing it, it's Steve Ballmer. Read on... "Steve Ballmer must be on crack. Or something. In a fascinating interview with the Financial Times, Ballmer has the cheek to call Google a one-trick pony (this … Continue reading Microsoft’s Ballmer Rips on Google…

Do you outline?

One of my favorite apps, Freemind, came in in the top five in a recent quest for the top five outlining tools @ Lifehacker..."Traditionally one thinks of outlines as a linear progression down the page. Many Lifehacker readers, however, opted to outline their projects and ideas in mind-mapping applications like the popular and open-source FreeMind. … Continue reading Do you outline?

AGCO is harvesting the benefits of social media

AgWired, the social media voice of the agriculture industry reports that AGCO, one of the world's largest agricultural equipment manufacturers, is effectively using social media to stimulate sales in a down economy... AGCO is providing a great example of how to integrate social media and networking into their communications strategy and to learn more about … Continue reading AGCO is harvesting the benefits of social media