Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn And The Social Media Bill Of Rights

This infographic from takes a closer look at the current state of privacy in social media, proposing a social networking bill of rights, and includes an overview of the relative TOS for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. As things stand, these social networks are all on your side, although they could certainly be a little clearer about where they stand. Moreover, some official government legislative policy on this legal grey area would be very welcome. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn And The Social Media Bill Of Rights [INFOGRAPHIC] - AllTwitter and Twylah: two great Twitter tools I use to promote my tweets

In previous posts I've talked quite a bit about how Twitter has become much more important in my 'thought leadership' marketing workflow. I would be remiss if I didn't take a moment to tell you about two tools; one not so new and one that that just popped up on my radar recently. They are and Twylah. I'm sure I saw pop up over a year ago -- Guy Kawaskaki was the first person I saw using it well. Twylah is a different story -- I stumbled across Nilofer Merchant's Twylah page only about a month ago. Both are great tools, but in the final analysis I think if you're looking to use your tweets as part of your Search Engine Optimization [SEO] strategy, you'll decide like I did that Twylah is the tool for you. Here's a little riff I did for you outlining the reasons why...

Tools for Tuesday; Evernote [updated]

Here's another '5 Minute University' session. This time on one of my favorite tools, Evernote... Here's a bonus riff that I just added! Here's an outline of the topics... 1 Why Evernote? 1.1 Google Notebook replacement 1.2 Addresses the 'collection bucket' issue 1.3 Key features 1.3.1 Capture anything 1.3.2 Access anywhere 1.3.3 Find things fast … Continue reading Tools for Tuesday; Evernote [updated]