#hottoppix for June 24, 2011

Things we've been tracking in the past 24 hours... Old Version of Twitter to Be Eliminated “Very, Very Soon” June 24, 2011 - Thank God. I'm getting tired of the old Twitter / new Twitter messages in Twitter. Just pull the plug already!!! On Being Prolific June 23, 2011   7 Keys to Blogging Awesomeness … Continue reading #hottoppix for June 24, 2011

Emotion must lead, reason must follow

Something to ponder...Are you about to start a conversation with a statistic? Stop. Emotion must lead, reason must follow.  Because that’s how you commune with the human brain.  Emotion first, reason second.  Heart, then facts. Please, REMEMBER THIS.  Whatever your cause, whoever your audience, you must start every conversation with the emotional heart of your … Continue reading Emotion must lead, reason must follow

Why should companies blog?

Isn't blogging for 40 year old political malcontents living in their parent's basement? Not at all. Smart companies are using blogging as the glue to bring their internet content together and drive their social media outposts. Late last year, I wrote..."Here’s the real payback, however, and the real reason why these corporations do it: HubSpot … Continue reading Why should companies blog?

Steve Jobs: Master of Irony

I'm not sure if it still is, but at one point in time this commercial was the most popular of all time... Now, ironically, Robert Wright of the New York Times says Steve Jobs has become the 'Big Brother' that Apple warned us about in 1984..."Jobs stands accused of what in Silicon Valley is a … Continue reading Steve Jobs: Master of Irony

Das social media manifesto 2/22/2010

Image by Joi Ito via CrunchBase Let's start with some good stuff from Loic LeMeur, founder of Seesmic and social media expert... "Tomorrow I am giving a talk at Stanford University with Robert Scoble and MC Hammer on how social software changes marketing so I thought like sharing a few points here and had to … Continue reading Das social media manifesto 2/22/2010

Google Living Stories

Image by wallyg via Flickr Google is like the Lucy van Pelt of media. She is quoted as saying "I'm torn between the desire to create and the desire to destroy."... "Today, a new Google project popped up in Google Labs (Google Labs) that is a unique extension of this effort. It’s called Living Stories, … Continue reading Google Living Stories

Are location-based services overrated?

Image via CrunchBase Please consider this... "Despite the buzz around location-based services, I have been ambivalent, if not skeptical about the technology.As much as social media has encouraged people to share information, I have not been convinced there is the same amount of enthusiasm for broadcasting your location.There’s the issue of privacy, as well as … Continue reading Are location-based services overrated?