How Higher Education Uses Social Media

According to Mashable,schools are on a short list of organizations that have been notoriously slow to adopt emerging tech. But within the last few years, as social media becomes more integral to students’ lives, educational institutions are finally catching on, and catching up. When it comes to higher ed, there are not only opportunities for … Continue reading How Higher Education Uses Social Media

Let’s roll, Nilofer!

Nilofer Merchant is a kick-a$$ woman from Silicon Valley about whom I have posted several times before [search box!]. Here she is at TED speaking about innovation... I think you can why I've been blown away by her for years -- she's a deep thinker and engaging communicator, Nilofer totally rocks! Well, today Nilofer just … Continue reading Let’s roll, Nilofer!

Meeting Dr. DiSalvo

I recently had the honor of meeting the new president of Marian University, Dr. Steven DiSalvo. The words on the Marian Website cannot do justice to the man I met... "Dr. Steven DiSalvo currently serves the Marian University community as President. Bringing to Marian a wealth of experience in higher education and philanthropic fundraising leadership, … Continue reading Meeting Dr. DiSalvo

#hottoppix for May 21, 2011

Here are the topics I'm tracking for you... I Hate Selling, So Now How Do I Convert Leads 5 May 20, 2011 I Hate Selling, So Now How Do I Convert Leads 3 May 20, 2011 How to Turn Your Dream Into a Plan In Five Simple Steps May 20, 2011 Links for 2011-05-20 May … Continue reading #hottoppix for May 21, 2011