Ammunition for your social media arsenal

Cover via Amazon Here's an interesting find from Mitch Joel... "About a year ago, famed Marketing professor, Ken Wong, spoke at a private dinner event. During his talk, he pushed for Marketers to really take a serious look at the many Digital Marketing opportunities, but then cautioned the Digital Marketers in the audience that there … Continue reading Ammunition for your social media arsenal

Thoughts on ROI and social media

Image via CrunchBase A prospective client asked me this yesterday: "I read through it [referring to this post] and was looking for how it translates into measurable business benefits such as client satisfaction, increased inside sales, increased referrals, etc – can you point me to any of these indicators with regard to this AGCO initiative?" … Continue reading Thoughts on ROI and social media

Websites and social media

Image via CrunchBaseI'm fond of saying "the answer is rarely either/or but frequently both/and". Mitch Joel talks about the roles and relationships of websites and social media and how the answer may be both/and..."There are two schools of thought when it comes to marketing brands online and the presence they need. 1. Build a website … Continue reading Websites and social media