The search is finally over!

Image via CrunchBaseI write frequently about my disdain [hatred is too strong a word] for Microsoft and their evil licensing practices and my newfound love for Ubuntu. Over the weekend, the two final barriers to moving 'full time' to Ubuntu were removed. I wrote about one last night -- VirtualBox allows you to run Windows … Continue reading The search is finally over!

Top 20 Free Applications to Increase Your Productivity

"The Internet is loaded with free software, making it hard to know which one’s you really need. This article will act as your guide to the top 20 free applications (Web and Windows) for increased productivity." Click here to read more... Don't forget to check Google Pack and Ninite to grab some of this software!

Firefox or Chrome; which one should I use?

Image via CrunchBaseThis question is NOT a slam dunk! Also, you may be surprised to know that the answer depends on what computer platform you use..."Which Should I Use on Windows: Firefox or Chrome? There's no short answer to this question, really, since neither browser is clearly better, so instead of a straight out "Use … Continue reading Firefox or Chrome; which one should I use?

Tactic #4: Use an external blog editor

Last week I covered tactic #3 in the tactics and tools series: blogging. Assuming that all my clients and readers went out and immediately launched a new blog by now you're thinking to yourself 'there's got to be an easier way'. That easier way is to use a blog editor. Not just any blog editor; … Continue reading Tactic #4: Use an external blog editor

I had a date with an old ‘flame’ this past week…

Image via WikipediaNot really -- it just felt that way! David Sauter of Envano gave me a Powerbook G4 for a project we're working on and it was the first time I had used a fast Mac running a current version of OS X. Ever... I left the Mac back in 2002 -- finally got … Continue reading I had a date with an old ‘flame’ this past week…