The way we get our news is changing

Image via CrunchBaseInteresting data from a great source that should have you thinking..."In the digital era, news has become omnipresent. Americans access it in multiple formats on multiple platforms on myriad devices. The days of loyalty to a particular news organization on a particular piece of technology in a particular form are gone. The overwhelming … Continue reading The way we get our news is changing

Marketing Progress Poll Results

via With only 40 respondents, I don't know how solid this data is but I still find it interesting. You can follow the 'via' link above to go to the source to read the rest of the article. e1evation = "simply powerful social media"!

5 Tips to Kick Start Your Link Building via Social Media Monitoring

Image via CrunchBase Lately there's been renewed interest in building links via social media monitoring. To build links this way, a link builder creates a monitoring search in their favorite social media tool and waits for it to find news stories, blog posts, tweets, comments, and other social content. Each new post is an opportunity … Continue reading 5 Tips to Kick Start Your Link Building via Social Media Monitoring

The Future of Social Media in Journalism

Image by fredcavazza via Flickr The future of social media in journalism will see the death of “social media.” That is, all media as we know it today will become social, and feature a social component to one extent or another. After all, much of the web experience, particularly in the way we consume content, … Continue reading The Future of Social Media in Journalism

The importance of curation

From a 30,000 foot view, there are two types of bloggers; creators and curators. Let's talk about curation as an 'art' form..."Content aggregation (the automated gathering of links) can be seen on sites like Google News. Overall, this type of aggregation has been seen as a positive thing for content creators and publishers, and up … Continue reading The importance of curation

An interesting perspective…

Image via Wikipedia ...from a former USA TODAY reporter... "Today is the last day that I’ll walk through USA TODAY’s glass and marble lobby, itself a monument to flusher times. I’ve been laid off from my dream job, and I’m not going to lie. It sucks. I enjoyed almost everything about my immediate world there, … Continue reading An interesting perspective…