Content marketing for thought leadership in the construction industry

I've seen content management and marketing for thought leadership applied to everything from Agriculture to Yoga and I believe it will work in the construction industry as well. Why?

Blogging and its role in content marketing

Blogging is fundamental to an effective content marketing campaign. In my humble opinion no other tool is more effective in driving people to your thought leadership position. Why?

Content marketing and Search Engine Optimization [SEO] trends in my world

Content marketing -- posting relevant content to this blog -- is the way I have done Search Engine Optimization [SEO] in the past. Thanks to my Search Engine Optimization [SEO] bff Ronnie Binser of Video Leads Online, I'm now focusing on doing Search Engine Optimization [SEO] 'on purpose' instead of by accident...

Content Management and Content Marketing for Thought Leadership

Two years ago, I wrote an epic post called ‘From Thinker to Thought Leader in one easy workflow’. The original title was ‘By Jove, I think I’ve got it‘ [shows how little I knew about writing effective post titles, eh?]. Well, it took me a couple of years, but I’ve finally found it. It? That elusive personal niche that everyone keeps talking about. I call it ‘content management and marketing for thought leadership‘ and it is my passion and my purpose in life.

Trending topics in content marketing

Later today, I'll be posting on some major changes that are happening in my business and on this site -- you'll want to be sure to check back later! In the meantime, every day I pull together the best of what I've read on one aspect of my focus. Mondays are all about content marketing … Continue reading Trending topics in content marketing