95 Days of Cluetrain for 2011

Image via Wikipedia Dana VanDen Heuvel says...Back in 2000, I picked up a book at Barnes & Noble in Long Beach, CA.  The Cluetrain Manifesto (affiliate link) was on the end cap display and having been involved in “Internet stuff” for a while for a few years, I was keen to explore what the book … Continue reading 95 Days of Cluetrain for 2011


Image by kk+ via Flickr Whenever I present on the topic of 'practical, tactical social media' organizational leaders usually like what they hear about social media and how to implement it to build their brands online until they hear that in order to achieve maximum results, they'll have to post a thought every day for … Continue reading IMNOTAWRITER

Salesforce.com Enticement Program: Migrate with Ease

Another sign of growing customer dissatisfaction with Salesforce.com... "Salesboom.com™ leading vendor of Software-as-a-Service CRM Software Solutions today announced the implementation of their Salesforce.com Enticement Program which is designed for displeased Salesforce.com customers who are looking to migrate to another CRM provider. Businesses who migrate to Salesboom.com On-Demand CRM Solutions receive a $5,000 check and a … Continue reading Salesforce.com Enticement Program: Migrate with Ease