This week in Google @e1evation

By now, most people have heard that the Google motto is 'don't be evil'. Current trends in social media indicate that many are wondering whether or not Google has forgotten that mantra and took a left turn somewhere in 2011. Even I, the Google fan boy that I am, must admit that some of Google's recent changes -- like the ones made to Google Reader on November 1, 2011 -- have left a sour taste in my mouth...

ABC. Always be curating!

Long before I was a website developer, I was in sales and sales management. The other day, I had a convo with a fellow sales puke and we were discussing the top 3 sales movies of all time. They were, in our opinions, Glengarry Glen Ross, Boiler Room and, of course, Tommy Boy! Here's the … Continue reading ABC. Always be curating!

I Have a Web Site, What Else Should I be Doing Online?

I found a great post on the Duct Tape Marketing site that was very timely for me...To help website owners take full advantage of the most important online marketing opportunities, here are 3 things small businesses can do to attract and engage new customers. Content Publishing & Marketing - Consumers are interacting with multiple content … Continue reading I Have a Web Site, What Else Should I be Doing Online?

Stop Phoning It In

Image via CrunchBase If you’re responsible for your company’s newsletter ['or blog or any other outward facing communication' ed. note], stop looking at it as a burden. Ask yourself this question: “What would be MOST useful to the people getting this newsletter?” And then ask yourself this question: “What else besides my company’s pitch can … Continue reading Stop Phoning It In