Breaking: Facebook Places, Pages merge is broken

Last week, I finally got control over my Facebook place and immediately I went to merge it with my page. No joy! I brought the issue to the attention of Facebook and this was there response: "We are aware of the problem that you described and apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, we do not have … Continue reading Breaking: Facebook Places, Pages merge is broken

Why should I care about Foursquare?

Because Forrester has some interesting data to support it... "While only 4 percent of US online adults have ever used a location-based service, like popular check in app Foursquare, data from research firm Forrester shows that young adult males with college degrees appear to be the main user group. In addition to being the main … Continue reading Why should I care about Foursquare?

Are location-based services overrated?

Image via CrunchBase Please consider this... "Despite the buzz around location-based services, I have been ambivalent, if not skeptical about the technology.As much as social media has encouraged people to share information, I have not been convinced there is the same amount of enthusiasm for broadcasting your location.There’s the issue of privacy, as well as … Continue reading Are location-based services overrated?