Step into Your Starring Role

Earlier this year I ‘discovered’ the ‘imposter complex’ thanks to my yogi Jackie Dumaine. The more I learned about it the more I understood why I haven’t finished my epic book on ‘Becoming Known’. I believe, you see, that if you can name it you can 'fix it'. If something has a name, that means … Continue reading Step into Your Starring Role

What’s in a Name? How Status Anxiety Could be Affecting You

The team at FinerMinds writes: Does pulling out your business card make you feel proud or anxious?And if someone else gives you their business card, do you also judge them based on what their credentials reveal?In this short video, writer and philosopher, Alain De Botton, discusses the growing problem of status anxiety, and how we’ve … Continue reading What’s in a Name? How Status Anxiety Could be Affecting You

5 Things To Stop Doing If You Want To Be Happy Now

The World Health Organization estimates that about 121 million people worldwide have some form of depression; whether it lasts a couple of minutes, or through many years of your life, chances are we've all experienced some form of depression, and it's never any fun.  As a self-help author and travel writer, I've seen similarities in … Continue reading 5 Things To Stop Doing If You Want To Be Happy Now

All You Need Is Love — of Self! Dawn Gluskin wrote: "All you need is love." The Beatles knew what was up! Love really is all you need... self-love, that is. The foundation of a happy life, healthy relationships, and achieving every bit of greatness you were put onto this earth for does not exist anywhere externally. Its all right inside! Tapping … Continue reading All You Need Is Love — of Self!

What is a blog?

What is a blog? It can be everything and it can be nothing. As the Bard said "Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so". During my blogging career, I estimate that I have created between 15 and 20,000 blog posts on every topic from A-to-Z — most of them, unfortunately, ineffective… In … Continue reading What is a blog?

Zen and the Art of Content Marketing

Kelton Reid of CopyBlogger writes: One of the best restaurants in the world lives under the fluorescent lights of a subway tunnel in the underbelly of Tokyo. Of the hundreds of thousands of eateries across the globe, this one stands apart, not for its size, or its glitz and glamour, but for its Zen austerity … Continue reading Zen and the Art of Content Marketing

Hold Nothing Back

Mark Nepo writes: I'm always surprised to rediscover that life waits behind a door that can only be opened when we give our all, when we hold nothing back. This video clip from an interview with Sounds True took place in Colorado during a week of recording my box set of teaching conversations, Staying Awake: … Continue reading Hold Nothing Back