Online with Erin

Last week, I posted that I had been chosen by Erin Davisson of WFRV TV in Green Bay to talk with her viewers about Google Reader. That segment was aired this evening... Here's the transcript... Need to do a lot of online research? There's a Google tool that can help make you a lot … Continue reading Online with Erin

Become a Gmail master!

Gmail recently kicked butt in a Mashable poll asking users for their favorite email client. Adam Pash writes... "Way back in 2006, I showed you my favorite tips, tricks, and tools for making the most of Gmail. A lot has changed in the Gmail world since then, so much so that it seemed like a … Continue reading Become a Gmail master!

At least 3 reasons why I’m not Buzzing with enthusiasm

Image via CrunchBase At least two people in the Googleverse are underwhelmed with Buzz; me and internet maven Richard Scoble. Scoble bats first... "Together with a lot of web workers, I depend on being able to skim through information sources quickly. Services like Google Reader are well-optimized for doing this, especially in List mode. (To … Continue reading At least 3 reasons why I’m not Buzzing with enthusiasm