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My love for Inoreader, the content reader, is well known. Here’s a neat little trick you can perform — creating a page of ‘recommended reading’ or shared resources simply by selecting a folder, choosing HTML clip and copying and pasting the code into WordPress. You’ll get a nice feed for your site like this:

Effective information management

Threefold path to effective info management (1)

These days it seems that we’re drowning in information and starving for wisdom. Here is some ‘wisdom’ about three tools that will help you manage information more effectively if you will take the time to learn how to use them:

Digging deeper into Gmail

Everything I have ever written about the magical tool called Inoreader can be found here. If you need help managing the information that’s flowing into your world, I can help. Consider this review and contact me using the form below…


Find good s— and share it using #flipboard

Originally shared by +Todd Lohenry

Find good s— and share it using #flipboard

+Jason Falls is right — the key to content marketing and thought leadership is this: find good shit and share it.

Key in the process is making the good shit come to you instead of having to hunt it down and to my mind, Flipboard is one of the best tools there is to make this happen.

I talk about how to get started with Flipboard in this playlist:

No matter what information you have to track, Flipboard is a great place to start! For those who want more there’s always +Inoreader which I cover extensively in my YouTube channel at #blog

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