Getting Started With LinkedIn

Time to revisit LinkedIn? The time might be right to reconsider its importance in your social media strategy...So you heard that a company called LinkedIn just went public, and want to find out just what the hype is all about and how you can use it? TNW is here to get you up and running … Continue reading Getting Started With LinkedIn

#hottoppix for May 21, 2011

Here are the topics I'm tracking for you... I Hate Selling, So Now How Do I Convert Leads 5 May 20, 2011 I Hate Selling, So Now How Do I Convert Leads 3 May 20, 2011 How to Turn Your Dream Into a Plan In Five Simple Steps May 20, 2011 Links for 2011-05-20 May … Continue reading #hottoppix for May 21, 2011

Optimize Your Company’s LinkedIn Profile

Image via CrunchBase Boasting 90 million users, LinkedIn is one of the social media titans. For business professionals, it has become an essential tool for staying connected to their business network. But for companies, there‚Äôs been little reason to pay attention to their presence there. LinkedIn has been about individuals, not organizations. LinkedIn Companies existed, … Continue reading Optimize Your Company’s LinkedIn Profile