5 ways to get found

I had a great connect with an old friend who is a real estate rockstar in Barrington, IL. She's not willing to accept anything less than being the dominant player in her industry and she's looking at social media as a way to help her accomplish her objectives. Couldn't help but think of her when … Continue reading 5 ways to get found

How do I get more business using social media?

Image via Wikipedia It’s always easier to just buy an ad.  There are people that will take your money and use it to produce a commercial, tv spot or print ad.  People will see your ad and a few of them may even come into your store if your ad has a good call to … Continue reading How do I get more business using social media?

7 Awesome B2B Facebook Pages

A little while ago I wrote a post about 20 great Facebook Fan Pages. Most of the HubSpot blog readers found the examples eye-catching and inspiring, but many of the comments contained a similar yearning to see if these same concepts could be applied to B2B businesses. Like the general idea of Inbound Marketing can be … Continue reading 7 Awesome B2B Facebook Pages

How to Achieve Inbound Marketing Success in Less Than a Month

If you're new to inbound marketing, it may seem daunting to transform your marketing practices. Where do you start? How soon can you see results? I had a chance to chat with Kathryn Alexander of Ethical Impact, a recent HubSpot customer who used the free HubSpot trial to achieve success in fewer than 30 days. … Continue reading How to Achieve Inbound Marketing Success in Less Than a Month

Driving traffic using Twitter?

Image via Wikipedia Start here... "If you are a small business owner like me, then you are no stranger to the fact that learning how to master Twitter can seem a little bit like wrestling a hungry alligator. Meaning, there is a steep learning curve and if you mess up it can be deadly. Figuratively … Continue reading Driving traffic using Twitter?