7 Awesome B2B Facebook Pages

A little while ago I wrote a post about 20 great Facebook Fan Pages. Most of the HubSpot blog readers found the examples eye-catching and inspiring, but many of the comments contained a similar yearning to see if these same concepts could be applied to B2B businesses. Like the general idea of Inbound Marketing can be … Continue reading 7 Awesome B2B Facebook Pages

How to Achieve Inbound Marketing Success in Less Than a Month

If you're new to inbound marketing, it may seem daunting to transform your marketing practices. Where do you start? How soon can you see results? I had a chance to chat with Kathryn Alexander of Ethical Impact, a recent HubSpot customer who used the free HubSpot trial to achieve success in fewer than 30 days. … Continue reading How to Achieve Inbound Marketing Success in Less Than a Month

What a blog adds to your business…

I have a lot of preconceived notions about blogging and one of them is that blogs drive traffic to your site, especially if you update them on a regular basis. Along comes HubSpot -- one of the best social media sites on the internet -- with a great blog post about websites and blogs and … Continue reading What a blog adds to your business…

Why should companies blog?

Isn't blogging for 40 year old political malcontents living in their parent's basement? Not at all. Smart companies are using blogging as the glue to bring their internet content together and drive their social media outposts. Late last year, I wrote..."Here’s the real payback, however, and the real reason why these corporations do it: HubSpot … Continue reading Why should companies blog?

Active Business Blogs Draw 6.9 Times More Organic Search Traffic Than Non-Bloggers

via blog.hubspot.com. If you're concerned about Search Engine Optimization [SEO], you'll want to follow the 'via' link to drill down on these findings from HubSpot... Related articles Starting a Niche Site: Best Blog Sites (theworkathomewife.com) Five Easy Ways to Boost SEO (socialmediatoday.com) Getting started with SEO (e1evation.com)

Turn Your Expertise Into Dollars Online

Image via Wikipedia Small business owners possess a wealth of knowledge about their industry or sector, and when they share this knowledge with Internet () searchers, it lends credibility to their business and attracts new customers. Blogging is a key medium for sharing your expertise. The most recent Merchant Confidence Index, a survey of 10,000 … Continue reading Turn Your Expertise Into Dollars Online

6 Easy Ways to Get More Visitors to Your Blog

Image via CrunchBase A blog is an important asset to any business. It allows you to gain visibility as a thought leader, engages your audience in conversation, and acts as link bait. But you can only reap these benefits if you can actually get visitors to your blog. By now, we all know that content … Continue reading 6 Easy Ways to Get More Visitors to Your Blog

Answered: 10 Questions About Website Redesign

Image by mikevolpe.com via CrunchBase Website redesign can be lethal or liberating for your business. Know what you are getting into before you sign the contract. Most recently, we covered the website redesign topic in a webinar with HubSpot’s VP of Marketing, Mike Volpe. We received nearly 400 questions during the live session and wanted … Continue reading Answered: 10 Questions About Website Redesign

B2B Social Media And Lead Generation

Image via CrunchBase With a business blog, there are many different ways to get people to become a “lead” from a visitor.  For example: including buttons in the sidebar to talk to a representative, or text links within content to whitepaper landing pages or to download content.  HubSpot has found it successful to add calls … Continue reading B2B Social Media And Lead Generation

How often should I post?

Image via WikipediaLet's start here..."Without question, blogging provides an effective way to market your business, be a valuable resource and build your personal brand online. And most folks know that, generally, the more frequently you blog, the higher your traffic. But does that mean you should follow the advice of many to create a new … Continue reading How often should I post?