How to easily include images in your posts…

I coach a lot of people on how to use WordPress effectively for 'thought leadership' marketing. One of the most important things to include in every post is a relevant picture. Why? HubSpot says: If you've ever read a book with a child, you probably know they find pictures more interesting than words; but are … Continue reading How to easily include images in your posts…

The Opportunity for Business

Chris Brogan starts the week with a very zen-like perspective on social media… A lot of what we do in social networks certainly seems busy and active. We tweet. We share. We pass on articles (sometimes because we’ve been asked/begged/pleaded with to share them). We skim a lot. We glance over a post or concept … Continue reading The Opportunity for Business

Blogging and content marketing trends for this week @ e1evation

Happy Monday! Time to talk about trends in blogging and content marketing. First, though, a confession. I accidentally used decaf instead of regular and I've been dragging my butt around all day. This blog is fueled by coffee and now that I've had a good cup, life can start [at 3:27PM]! Here's my bias; blogging … Continue reading Blogging and content marketing trends for this week @ e1evation

This week in LinkedIn @ e1evation

LinkedIn has been the 'red headed step child' i.e., the neglected tool in my content management and social media strategy for awhile. Thank goodness my class at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College forces me to get current at least three times per year! Where would I be without those students?

11 Ways to Use Content to Build Online Authority

HubSpot has some great thoughts on building online authority that I’d like to share with you… When someone talks about achieving online authority, what do they mean? And why are so many marketers and business owners fighting to be the online authority in their industry? Being an online authority essentially means you're not only a … Continue reading 11 Ways to Use Content to Build Online Authority

Why a company must have a blog…

Image via CrunchBase Sweta of GlobalThoughtz has an interesting blog post on the topic of corporate blogs... "How do you follow your favorite company? How do you come to know about their latest launch or what’s cooking in their labs? My answer to this would be their ‘Corporate Blogs’. Not only does it give me … Continue reading Why a company must have a blog…

5 ways to get found

I had a great connect with an old friend who is a real estate rockstar in Barrington, IL. She's not willing to accept anything less than being the dominant player in her industry and she's looking at social media as a way to help her accomplish her objectives. Couldn't help but think of her when … Continue reading 5 ways to get found