Friend, mentor and client Nilofer Merchant expounds on the topic of 'onlyness': The first step to unlocking talent in the #SocialEra is celebrating something I’ve termed onlyness. Onlyness is that thing that only that one individual can bring to a situation. It includes the journey and passions of each human. Onlyness is fundamentally about honoring … Continue reading Onlyness

How to write a blog post in 10 minutes

Part of a series. Original version at In my recent blog post about how to sustain your social media presence in just 3 hours a week, I advise drafting 3 blog posts in under one hour. That may sound unimaginable if (like me) you've fallen into the habit of turning each blog post you write … Continue reading How to write a blog post in 10 minutes

Afraid of making mistakes online?

Get over it!"Risk aversion is the number one reason that people and organizations fail to tap the full power of social media. People often tell me that they can't afford to make a mistake online, because any error will be just one Google search away for anyone to see, forever. Unless you're prepared to risk … Continue reading Afraid of making mistakes online?