Five Best Netbooks

via #1 son calls me this evening and tells me that his beautiful girlfriend Melissa needs a new netbook. Kudos to #1 for having the sense to call me! Normally, I'd charge beaucoup bucks for this kind of advice, but since Melissa's such a cutie, this one's on the house... First off, I'd follow … Continue reading Five Best Netbooks

Buying a new notebook?

Think different! No, I don't mean buy a Mac -- I just mean think before you buy. A friend of mine asked for a recommendation on a big, expensive notebook -- you know, one of the ones with the big 17" monitor? My advice to him was "my recommendation would be to avoid the big, … Continue reading Buying a new notebook?

Parking fail…

...becomes social media success story! A security camera caught this parking 'fail' on camera: httpv:// Hyundai Canada [manufacturer of the victim's car] saw this YouTube video and was quick to turn this into a social media success! The moral of the story? Everyone wins with social media done well... httpv://

There Is No Such Thing as Intuitive Technology

"When the Apple Macintosh first debuted, it was thought of as the first computer that did not have or ever need a manual. In fact, it did need a manual, and an ever-growing one at that. The computer that doesn't need a manual of some sort has not yet been invented. In the case of … Continue reading There Is No Such Thing as Intuitive Technology