Feedly mobile is fixed!

...and everything is right in my 'Personal News Aggregation' universe. For about a week, I was having problems syncing my accounts on feedly and Google Reader and it was really frustrating -- especially since it has always worked so well in the past. As you can see, however, my desktop version... ...is the same as … Continue reading Feedly mobile is fixed!

How to make feedly your default rss reader in Chrome

Do you love feedly as much as I do? Here's a short 3 minute lesson on how to make it your default rss reader: http://youtu.be/M1MdwKPX4jA Here's the text to copy and paste: http://www.feedly.com/home#subscription/feed/%s Of course, you can also subscribe using the Feedly Mini button but if you're used to using that RSS icon this will … Continue reading How to make feedly your default rss reader in Chrome

Keep Calm and [Keep Using] Google Reader

Looking for a Google Reader alternative? Michael Hyatt writes: On Wednesday, Google surprised denizens of the Internet with the news that they would be discontinuing Google Reader. This was a sad day for people like me who consume most of their blog content with this simple, easy-to-use RSS aggregator. Almost immediately, I was flooded with … Continue reading Keep Calm and [Keep Using] Google Reader