Email Is Not Broken; We Are

Here’s an interesting perspective on the ‘problem’ of email… There's a constant flow of "email is/is not broken" articles across the internet, but most of them miss the point. Email as a system is not broken, but we, through our email behaviors, are. Nearly all of the articles written recently about fixing email have concentrated … Continue reading Email Is Not Broken; We Are

#hottoppix for June 21, 2011

Things we've been tracking in the past 24 hours... Matt: Newspaper with WordPress And Google Docs June 19, 2011   Publisher Blog: Bangor Daily News: A complete publishing system on WordPress June 20, 2011   Display Your Instagram Photos as a Gallery with WordPress June 20, 2011   The Daily Plugin: Login Logo June 21, … Continue reading #hottoppix for June 21, 2011

Tactic #6: Be known

Image via CrunchBase I had an interesting discussion about privacy at Agritechnica with a strong proponent of privacy on the internet. To me, however, having let that Genie out of the bottle long ago I'm a strong proponent of transparency on the internet. I see it as being a competitive advantage because "consumers can relate … Continue reading Tactic #6: Be known