My top picks for May 12, 2011

Google 'Chromebooks' Promise Era Of Managed Computing -- InformationWeek May 11, 2011 The 4 Biggest Stories in Tech & Social Media This Morning May 11, 2011 Google to Sell Chrome Laptops to Students for $20 Per Month? [Blip] May 11, 2011 How to make better presentations in 2:53 | e1evation, llc May 11, 2011 Social … Continue reading My top picks for May 12, 2011

Firefox or Chrome; which one should I use?

Image via CrunchBaseThis question is NOT a slam dunk! Also, you may be surprised to know that the answer depends on what computer platform you use..."Which Should I Use on Windows: Firefox or Chrome? There's no short answer to this question, really, since neither browser is clearly better, so instead of a straight out "Use … Continue reading Firefox or Chrome; which one should I use?

If you’re using Ubuntu…

Image by Randy Zhang via I recommend [especially for older computers] then Google's Chrome browser combined with GNOME Do is a great combination. I create application shortcuts for web applications and then summon them with a keystroke combination. Very fast! Very powerful... Posted via web from The e1evation facebook page

“Creating beats consuming”

Auren Hoffman has a great post on consuming vs. producing. He says..."We are meant to be both creators and consumers. Today, however, most people consume far more then they create. Part of the reason for this is because being both a consumer and a creator at the same time is very difficult, and because goods … Continue reading “Creating beats consuming”

Spring clean your PC; outside and in!

Image via Wikipedia Here's something constructive to do this weekend..."Most of us clean our computers about as often as we spill something on the keyboard. But to keep your computer in good working order, you should scrub it down about twice a year--more often if you like to eat chips at your keyboard. Before you … Continue reading Spring clean your PC; outside and in!

Tactic #1: Master Firefox!

Image via CrunchBase First, what's this nonsense about 'Tightening your Tribe'? Well, it's a reference to Seth Godin's social media masterpiece 'Tribes'. As I read the book, I really enjoyed the strategic discussion but found any reference to practical, tactical tools was missing. I therefore decided to create a series of posts on tools that … Continue reading Tactic #1: Master Firefox!