Google Tasks

Chrome Web Store - Google Tasks (by Google) Easily add and manage your tasks from Chrome in one of three ways: Simply type "t Your new task" into the Chrome Omnibar to easily add a task from whatever web page you're on. Click the Tasks icon to add a task, see your tasks and task … Continue reading Google Tasks

The importance of an editorial focus and calendar for your blog

An editorial focus and calendar that reinforces it may be the single most important thing you can do if you want to blog for thought leadership. In his ground breaking book 'Brand Stand', Craig Badings writes... The more research you do on the topic [on which you choose to focus] the more you will understand … Continue reading The importance of an editorial focus and calendar for your blog

#hottoppix for July 1, 2011

Things we've been tracking in the past 24 hours...  How to Create Custom Write Panels in WordPress with More Fields Plugin June 30, 2011   Case Study: Building a Product Site Using WooFramework June 30, 2011   The Best Piece Of Writing Advice June 30, 2011   Marketing Lessons From Seth Godin July 1, 2011 … Continue reading #hottoppix for July 1, 2011


The folks at Lifehacker took a poll on the top calendaring applications. Here are the results... "Nothing's more important to your productivity arsenal than a solid scheduling tool, and considering so much of what we do happens at the computer, a good calendar application is just the thing to bring order to your agenda. On … Continue reading Calendars…

Tactic #8: Use ‘branded’ email

I took a little time off from my 'tactics and tools' series -- no one's paying attention in December anyway, right? 😉 Now that everyone's waking up from the holidays it's time to get back on track with tactic #8 -- using 'branded' email. 'Branded' email? What's that? 'Branded' email is email that comes from … Continue reading Tactic #8: Use ‘branded’ email

Making the switch from Microsoft Office to Web apps

Image via CrunchBase 'For him who has ears to hear!' as the Good Book says. It's possible to have a powerful computing experience without using a single Microsoft product [or paying a single penny to Bill Gates]... "The only reason I've opened Microsoft Outlook or any other desktop e-mail program in the last year is … Continue reading Making the switch from Microsoft Office to Web apps